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Deze tool heb je nodig om de nieuwe levels te kunnen spelen, kopieer deze in de map waar SniperElite is geinstalleerd, dit is normaal: c:\program files\mc2\sniper elite\ en op een 64 bits syteem C:\Program Files (x86)\MC2\Sniper Elite.
Maak een snelkoppeling op je buroblad of maak hem vast aan je startmenu, dit kan beide met je rechtermuisknop.
Start hierna het spel alleen nog met deze snelkoppelling op anders werken de nieuwe levels niet.

Binnenkort komt hier een handleiding van maplauncher.

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Because every Sniper needs a Spotter


v1.4 Readme





1. Introduction

The Spotter Mod for Sniper Elite is designed to give you more control over the Sniper Elite games you host than you ever had before.


Spotter provides you with the following capabilities for the Sniper Elite games you host:


Information: Shows all players in your game, with their IP address, and keeps a log of who joins and leaves

Kick Players: The host can now kick players from the game, instantly and without a vote.

Ban Players: You can permanently prohibit players from accessing your game again, until you chose to remove the ban.

Shared “Clan” Ban file: Allows clan members or friends to share a ban file located on a web server

The NutCracker: Automatically kick players based on their name, with full or partial matching

Disable Autobalance: Disables the Auto-balance function in Sniper Elite, so that you can have unbalanced teams if you want them

Game Configuration: Setup SE host configuration and store multiple game-hosting preference profiles

Weapons and Inventory: Override SE weapons and inventory loadouts, to change what players carry in the game, including a knife!

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Spotter is een tooltje voor sniper elite om extra instelling in de game te maken.

Voor de laatste aanpassingen en info kun je ook kijken op klik